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    Reservoir pens

    Writing, an age-old form of expression and communication, has evolved through the centuries, and so have the instruments we use. Reservoir pens, often known as fountain pens, hold a special place among the various writing instruments. This article explores the history, components, and significance of reservoir pens. History of Reservoir Pens The Birth of an Icon The origins of reservoir pens can be traced back to the 10th century, but the modern fountain pen as we know it began its journey in the late 19th century. Lewis Waterman, an insurance broker, is credited with inventing the first reliable fountain pen in 1884. His innovation lay in creating an efficient feed…

  • Sholes and Glidden

    Sholes and Glidden typewriter

    The Sholes and Glidden typewriter was launched in 1874 and eventually became a huge commercial success. The first commercially available version of this machine is also known as the Remington No. 1, and it was to be followed by Remington No. 2 in 1878. For the first ten series, the writer could not see the text during typing, as the paper was hidden inside the machine. It would take until the launch of the Remington No. 10 in 1906 before a so-called “visible” Remington typewriter became available. Background The main designers of this typewriter was Christopher Latham Sholes, Samuel W. Soule and Carlos S. Glidden – all three based in…

  • Hansen Writing Ball

    Hansen Writing Ball

    The Hansen Writing Ball is an early example of a typewriter. It was invented in Denmark in 1865, and both patented and put into production in 1870. It was not the first typewriter ever made, but it did become the first typewriter in commercial production. Notably, the Hansen Writing Ball was also the first typewriter where a user could produce text substantially faster than hand-writing. The Danish term for writing ball is skrivekugle. Can I buy a Hansen Writing Ball today? Yes, but they are not cheap. They have not been produced in a very long time, and very few have survived. At auctions, more or less intact Hansen Writing…